Through the Connected Communities initiative, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) developed this tool, the Community Information Hub (CIH), to help communities improve access to digital services, achieve equitable environmental benefits, enhance economic opportunities, and become more resilient. The CIH is an interactive tool communities can use to assess their needs, prioritize solutions, and identify funding opportunities in these areas. CIH users include local government representatives, community development professionals, local power company staff, and anyone else with an interest in supporting their community’s progress.

The TVA Connected Communities initiative (Connected Communities) aims to use information and technology to identify and address community needs and improve quality of life in the TVA service area through community-driven solutions. Communities that are technology savvy and have strong quality of life and a ready workforce are better prepared to partner with TVA to build an energy system that meets the needs of the future.

Connected Communities’ work centers on four Focus Areas: Broadband & Digital Literacy, Economic Empowerment, Energy & Environmental Justice, and Enhanced Community Resiliency. These Focus Areas are interdependent, enabling and strengthening one another. Recognizing that communities have foundational needs that they must address in order to enable progress in those focus areas, Connected Communities also helps communities build capabilities to attain the following Success Factors: Vision, Governance & Community Planning; Assets & Infrastructure; Funding & Resource Access; and Skills & Engagement.